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Time For Your Seasonal Furnace Check-up?

A basic maintenance on your furnace usually takes about an hour. The
cost is $90.

A standard checklist for all furnaces is unrealistic. Nevertheless, it’s not
unreasonable to want to know at least some of what we’ll do. Keep in
mind that much of the following applies only to certain types of furnaces.
And this list certainly doesn't cover every possibility.

1)   cleaning of the burners
2)   cleaning of the pilot assembly
3)   cleaning of the flame sensor
4)   inspection of the visible portions of the heat exchanger
5)   inspection of the flue connector
6)   inspection of the wiring harness(es) for damage
7)   inspection of the vacuum tube port for debris
8)   inspection of the SSU or SRU for heat build-up during operation
9)   inspection of the fuse for proper size
10) a check of the flue draw to assure proper exhausting of flue        

11) a check of the flame color to ensure proper combustion
12) a check of temperature rise to ensure that the unit isn’t running
too hot or cold
13) a check for water leaks on 90+ furnaces
14) a check of the condensate drain on 90+ furnaces if the drain is
readily serviceable, at the discretion of of All-Pro Services
15) a check and if need be adjustment of the fan switch
16) an optional combustion gas analysis if your furnace’s condition  
warrants, at the discretion of All-Pro Services
17) an optional vacuuming of the burner compartment should the
situation warrant, at the discretion of of All-Pro Services
18) oiling of the blower’s motor bearings if they are accessible and if the situation warrants
19) adjustment of the fan speed should the situation warrant
20) adjustment of the gas pressure should the situation warrant
21) replacement of the thermocouple should the situation warrant, at the
discretion of All-Pro Services
22) replacement of the air filter as long as we have one on the truck that
will work
23) replacement of a degraded vacuum tube as long as we have one on
the truck that will work, at the discretion of All-Pro Services
24) any repair that is extremely minor in nature, that requires no parts
and that takes only a few minutes will be included in the price of the
maintenance, at the discretion of All-Pro Services

Sometimes the blower wheel gets so dirty that it will not supply proper
airflow. Cleaning the blower assembly can sometimes take as long as
the rest of the furnace maintenance. As such, it's not included in the
standard price. Most furnaces don't really need their blowers cleaned
anyway. But if your blower wheel does, we'll quote you on a case by
case basis.


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