A/C Seasonal Check-Up

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A/C Seasonal Check-Up

A basic maintenance on your A/C usually takes about an hour. The cost is $90.

Our Preventive Maintenance Tune-Up, completed by technicians, consists of a 15-point check designed to keep your A/C functioning at its peak and maximum efficiency.

The 15-Point A/C Preventive Maintenance Tune-Up

  1. Check, Clean and Calibrate Thermostat if needed
  2. Check the refrigerant charge level
  3. Inspect all visible refrigerant lines for leaks
  4. Inspect the starting capabilities of the system
  5. Check volts and amp draw on compressor and motor
  6. Check the air temperature differential for proper cooling 
  7. Inspect all accessible duct work for leaks
  8. Lubricate all moving parts that can be lubricated
  9. Inspect the blower and blower components
  10. Inspect all electrical connections
  11. Inspect all safety controls for defects
  12. Inspect any drain pump that is present
  13. Inspect electrical circuit breakers and fuses for proper size and defects
  14. Inspect drain lines for proper drainage or leaks
  15. Check for any fire hazards related to A/C System


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